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Lisa Caldwell

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Lisa Caldwell is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LMC Leadership & Coaching with over 20 years of corporate experience. She has a passion for supporting the success and development of others through growing their skills and knowledge, with ongoing mentoring and coaching. Lisa specializes in helping to elevate self-awareness to gain clarity with purpose and build confidence in clients self-worth. Her future focus supports goal oriented actionable development results with clients achieving improved results quicker.  

Lisa Caldwell is an example of life-long learning and is certified in Negotiations, Fierce Conversations, Leadership Excellence, Harrison Assessments and St. Michael’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.  Lisa has attended dozens of workshops with Fred Pryor Seminars in support of Leadership growth. 


LMC Leadership & Coaching has designed a 3-step approach (Clarity, Action & Results) proven effective in leadership development through accountability of performance, enhanced employee engagement and motivating personal growth.  LMC Leadership & Coaching is positioned to be “Leaders in Leadership” facilitating succession planning, culture shifts, candidate selection and customized leadership development for companies across North America.  


“I know I have succeeded, when the people being coached can visualize and act on their greater potential for

learning and growth success.” 

Lisa Caldwell, Founder & CEO of LMC Leadership & Coaching 

LMC Leadership & Coaching “Leaders in Leadership” 

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