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Talent Management:

Accelerating Business & Personal Results


Harrison Assessments™ offers full Talent Life Cycle solutions to guide organizations worldwide with leadership development, selection, retention, communication, promotion, team building, succession planning, performance management, increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. 

The Harrison Assessments™ predicts job success by determining a person’s work preferences and behavioral competencies relative to the specific requirements in the job success formula. This is very valuable to accurately guide individuals in any phase of life whether selecting an education path for career planning; working towards a promotion or career transition; or succession planning.

With the Harrison Assessments™ we are able to: 

  • Refine and improve the talent acquisition process 

  • Empower managers with easy to understand reports

  • Coach employees to leverage strengths and determine areas for development focus

  • Easily customize Job Success Formulas to match job requirements

  • Develop leadership and encourage teamwork

  • Customize behavioral competencies to identify key elements in the culture of your organization

  • Guide in education and career planning 

  • …. And much more

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