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“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”  African Proverb

While working with many young adults beginning their professional careers it is apparent that the majority of young adults are not taught leadership skills or techniques prior to entering the workforce. Without proper development focus we pick up habits that may not serve us well. The longer we hold onto these habits the more difficult it is to change. Working with a young adult early on in their life will increase the potential for developing effective leadership skills to achieve greater success quicker.

Parents of athletes are known to spend thousands of dollars for coaches to support the dream of their child becoming a professional athlete. The reality is less than 1% will realize this dream. 


The greatest return on investment a parent can make is to invest in their child’s leadership abilities. 


Developing skills in areas such as: self-awareness, confidence, emotional resilience, effective communication and  advocating with respect, will have a lasting impact with opportunity for greater success. These skills learned at a young age will help young adults to better manage adversity, cope with stress and manage challenges that we are guaranteed to face throughout life.

Life is a journey and learning effective tools to better manage our emotions to be thoughtful of our reactions will increase our probability for better relationships and success in life.

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